Drop Shadow Talks List

Artist Talk April 28 Thursday 19:00 Give Me My Data
Performance Dec 16 Thursday 19:00 No Shadow Kick**Mobile.xxx
Theory Nov 23 Tuesday 19:00 Selektive Interface-Kulturen und Medienkombinatorik contra HCI-Entwicklungslogiken
Theory Oct 12 Tuesday 19:00 Experience Design: Transcending a Product’s Encasing
Artist Talk July 6 Tuesday 19:00 Committing Web 2.0 Suicide
Artist Talk May 25 Tuesday 19:00 On Video Replies and YouTube as a Sculpture
Theoretical context Jan 21 Thursday 19:00 Performing in the mirror: digital design in the age of social media
Artist talk Dec 3 Thursday 19:00 Observing the Shadows of Shadows
Artist talk Nov 24 Tuesday 19:00 Digital Folklore
Artist talk Nov 24 Tuesday 12:00 Buscando al Sr. Goodbar & The City is Creative
Artist talk Nov 10 Tuesday 19:00 Fuck 3D
First DST ever! Oct 27 Tuesday 19:00 2d3d in Grafik-Design und Typographie