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The digital drop shadow is the most popular effect in computer graphics today. Easily applied, it made its way to modern graphic design and advertising. It raises typography and objects from a flattened background into three-dimensional—and thus significance.

With the current generation of operating systems, the drop shadow effect entered the graphical user interface to a new extent. In this context it raises not only windows from background wallpapers; it also stands for a visually enriched interface that strives towards three-dimensionality. Loaded with rich imagery, icons and pseudo-three-dimensional configurations the graphical user interface yet remains tied to its flat medium.

Bewildered by this paradox, the graphical user interface leaves the office it was made for and becomes a pop culture phenomenon.

The Drop Shadow Talks reply to current developments on the visually enriched layer for machine interaction. In the shades of evening lectures, the Drop Shadow Talks regularly present art and projects influenced and inspired by the baroque graphical user interface.

The Berlin Technical University of Art is a private art university for design (FH). The university concept follows the demand which is placed on design work in the times of digital media.

The Berlin Technical University of Art was established in spring 2006 from the Berlin Technical Art School, (Academy for Design) in order to educate Communication Designers (Bachelor of Arts) at a high level, focusing on future-oriented occupational fields.

We also have a conference on 15th May 2017 in which we help fresh graduates to build their LinkedIn Profile to showcase their skills and land their dream job. If you want to join, contact us.

Our guest talk about Cloud Data

Back in the days, we were using old school hard disks and floppy disk to store data. As a  kid, I remember buying a gaming cd’s and installing them on the computer to play these games.

As more and more people started using the internet these CDs, floppy disks and hard disk were replaced by online games, videos movies, and data storage. Users preferred to access data on demand instead of storing them on their local computer.

These big sites like Youtube and Google have billion of GB space and you can save anything on the cloud and access it from anywhere in the world!

Price Comparison of Local storage and Cloud Storage.

Local storage is a thing of the past. If we are talking about public data ( videos, games etc) cloud storage is hands down the best option. Because you can access data on demand.

But this is not the only data type users usually access. Now people are more inclined towards storing their personal data online using the service like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Keeping a local drive can cost you anywhere from $10 to $50 while online storage is free ( for most household users) You can get 2-5 GB for free. Which is enough for most household users. However,  In Dropbox, you get 2 GB of free space once you signup. If 2 GB is not enough you can invite your friends and family to earn some free Dropbox space


BTK’s campus is located at Bernburger Straße 24-25, close to Potsdamer Platz.
U-Bahn: U2 to station Potsdamer Platz or to Mendelsson-Bartholdy-Park.
S-Bahn: S1, S2 or S25 to station Anhalter Bahnhof or to Potsdamer Platz.

Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule at Google Maps and Open Street Map.

Talks, if not stated otherwiese, take place in Raum J/K 2.07 on the second floor.
Admission is free.


The Drop Shadow Talks are organized by
Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, Hochschule für Gestaltung (FH)
Bernburger Straße 24—25, D-10963 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 25358698
If you have questions, please write to info@btk-fh.de.
Check the website of BTK for imprint details.


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